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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So Tired...

I have been working the past couple of days (12 hour shifts). When I end up working long hours I really don't have much time to do stuff. Usually I end up coming home, looking like a zombie and end up eating dinner, spending about 1/2 hour with my hubby and then hitting the sack. Repeat x 3 days. Today is my only day off, back to work tomorrow. However, I had school today, so really in a sense it was not a day off. Oh well.

As for knitting news:

I am continuing to work on my Embossed Leaves socks from IK winter 2005. My first sock is coming along nicely. I have made 2 wash cloths using the pattern from Weekend Knitting for my Grandma. I purchased some nice soap to go with them as a b-day present.

Speaking of my Grandma:

She has to be one of the coolest people on the face of this earth. She is very open, and always willing to listen to anything that I want to talk about etc. So I found out that she wants a knitted Ski cap with a pom-pom. She thinks that they are cute and she wants one. The only thing is....she lives in Hawaii...where she has lived for her entire life. Oh well, I am still going to make her one. I figure at 80 years old she deserves whatever she wants, and if that is what she wants then cool. So that will be my next project to embark on.

And for the record- Yes I did have my coffee today.


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