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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another spindle?

Yup, I have finally given in and ordered another drop spindle. This time it was the 0.9 oz Golding Tsunami spindle. It will be the lightest spindle that I have to date. (I have a Grafton Fibers Swan that weighs in at 1.2 oz and a Bosworth that weighs in at 1.7 oz).

Honestly I love all my spindles. My Bosworth was the first spindle that I purchased and I really learned how to spin on it. The heavier weight was perfect for a beginner. I love producing heavier yarns with it and it is also the spindle that I use for plying. Plus, the tulipwood is just beautiful. Eventually, I want to get a a midi or even featherweight as well.

The Swan by Grafton fibers is special to me as well. It is made out of Koa wood. I grew up in Hawaii (and truthfully my heart is still there) and Koa wood is indigenous to the islands. The warmth and beauty of Koa always reminds me of home. Due to the shape of the whorl, this spindle has a different spin to it. Most of the weight is in the center of the whorl, not on the edges like other spindles. The spin doesn't last very long due to the shape, but I am able to spin aproximately fingerweight yarn from it.

My hope with the Tsunami Spindle is that since the whorl is only 2" in diameter and the shaft is only 7" in length that this spindle will allow me to travel with it more. I am also hoping with the weight I will be able to produce sock and lace weight yarn with it. I recently got the twisted sisters sock workbook and I have become so inspired to produce my own sock yarns (along with dying my own yarn fiber as well). I should receive the spindle by Thursday. I anxiously await...


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